Silver for Fall


One of the most beautiful weekends in Zagreb – the sun was shining so bright, it was pretty warm and the Fall showed its golden colors. Great time for a walk in the city! Take a look at this amazing view in the centre on Zagreb and my silver RoseGal skirt, perfect for this kind of weather.

Online shopping has become such a great deal – you can find almost everything, from trendy clothes to timeless classics. RoseGal is one of my favorite shops where I know I can find exactly what I need – or what I would like to buy 😉

Midi pleated skirts came through a big doors and are slowly taking over all favorite minis. Just take a look at this one gray high waisted beauty, I keep getting asked where I bought it! What I find adorable is how it is easy to combine with different colors (I would personally always choose black or white, not to take attention off of the skirt which is great piece for itself).

Comes in all sizes, before you order make sure to check their sizes – as described on the web page, you really get what you order. I was delighted with my package, and the material is so soft and warm, perfect for Fall/Winter!

Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think!










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