My little red fashiontale!


Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my blog, I hope you’ll like what you find here since it comes from the heart – I am so happy to have started this project that combines fashion & travel, my true passions!

I have been planning it for quite some time, and you know how it goes, lots of obligations, not enough time, excuses, excuses! This is all very special to me and I put quite time and effort into making my blog alive!

I find it very important that we find happiness around us and things that inspire us – one is really a fulfilled person when is doing what truly matters to them. When you have a reason to get up at 6AM and it doesn’t seem hard at all – then you know you are doing what you love and everything seems a lot easier! (in addition to your occupation, but let’s not forget that hobbies are what make us happy:)

What I want to achieve with this blog is to combine my biggest passions – fashion and travel! I have started developing my own style which I could describe as a mixture of casual and elegance – I love shoes like every other girl does, and can’t have enough of them, especially high heeled ones. Right ones can lift up every combination and give it a bit of a chic style. And the red color, which you can see is the theme of my blog and part of my many outfits! The most important lesson I learned when it comes to style is that you dress yourself up in a way that you feel comfortable. Beauty comes from the inside and when you feel good you look good, quite simple, but we sometimes forget that. Always listen to yourself and let your inner voice be your guide when it comes to life and style, for that matter 🙂

My first post is fashion related, and with these bright colors I am trying to brighten up the mood in the Autumn – with a mixture of casual ripped jeans (the most comfortable ones I have, this model is skinny boyfriend!), super high heels and a bit of business elegance on the top (beautiful color of this Zara blazer). This already seems quite long first post, take a look at the pics and enjoy the day while we still have the sun and warm weather!



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Outfit: Guess skinny boyfriend ripped jeans / Buffalo shoes / Primark top & bag /Zara blazer / Bijou Brigitte necklace

Photos by: Bojan Kish

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