Black & white with a mix of fuchsia!


Hi everyone!

Weather of this time of the year is pretty warm don’t you think? I wanted to seize the moment to capture this cheerful oufit while we still don’t need to wear coats! And the sun is still shining like it’s spring so be sure to catch little bit of its rays, it is good for you body and soul 🙂

My today’s outfit is inspired by this lovely bag which is a hand made design from Croatian brand Elegant bags (make sure to check out their shop – among this one, you may find other models that you like!). It is chic and unique and what I love the most is that it can lift up any outfit in a second! I’d say that sometimes my style can be a bit of a minimalist and with only a few colors, that is why bright colors of accessoires suit me very well. Like this black and white very casual jeans outfit! One tip: why don’t you try to match the color of your bag and lipstick? And don’t ever regret spending more money on shoes and bags than on clothes, it is amazing what it can do to your outfit and mood 🙂

These days I am very much on the road and travelling a lot, so you can expect some posts about top destination in Europe during this time of the Advent year 🙂

Anyway, not to be very long, below you may find the pictures, let me know what you think and enjoy the rest of the day!



0000 00 00000 111 11111110000000001111111110000000000000 Outfit: Mango skinny jeans / H&M blazer / Mohito shirt / Elegant bags bag / Guess shoes / Michael Kors watch / Aldo sunglasses and rings

Photos by Filip Gal

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